Two Lost Souls Art: Exploring a common bond

Two artists who recognize they have a common bond. Through Art and Photography, they find a path that helps them  navigate the complexity that life has to offer. Their paths they would like to share with you.

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Two Lost Souls Art

Ben Mullinax: Finding the unexpected splendor in the mundane …

Ben looks for images that reveal beauty and details that go unnoticed, until we take the time to slow down and observe.

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Maggie Long: Creating Art is revealing a part of me to others …

and to myself. I create every day. My hands won’t allow me to not paint, draw, write, create and express. Come, let’s explore who I am and who I am becoming.

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Image talks …

Ora, SC

Easter weekend wanderings in Ora and Lauren’s county.

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Ora, SC

Easter weekend wanderings in Ora and Lauren’s county.

Appreciating Your Unseen

Appreciating your unseen…. In the film days of old, I spent many hours of black and white photography darkroom work. I always found the process an amazing one as the unrecognizable negative image emerges over a few seconds into a positive image. My first darkroom training was in 1978 with a local photographer in Raleigh, … Read More about Appreciating Your Unseen

Peace Like a River…..

I tend to have a gentle, peaceful view of creation.  It may be a holdover from the 1950’s era children’s Sunday School lessons artwork of the Garden of Eden.  I still see those images and in my mind I hear the music of Cat Stevens’ Morning Has Broken  whose lyrics resonate with “dew ….. sweet … Read More about Peace Like a River…..

Art, Six Feet Apart

Social distancing is tough. We don’t enjoy life as much when our universe shrinks. Our pool of interactive friends, family and co-workers decreases while our stress increases, creating an excruciating feedback which may amplify out of control. As I thought about the negative connotation of the 6 foot social distancing exclusion, I tried to make … Read More about Art, Six Feet Apart

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